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    The author:admin Update time:2017-9-16
    Englishman at the negotiating table style and habits
    ( A ) negotiating relationship building . Englishman discreet words and deeds not easily establish a personal relationship with each other . Even their own people , contacts between individuals are more cautious , it is difficult - see before. Special care to respect " personal space " - not in public places like the exposed personal feelings , never free to inquire about the things of others , without the introduction is not easy dealing with strangers . Trusting others or rely on others . Britons have a strong sense of national pride and xenophobia , always with a - kind powerhouse of China lengthy contented look . Early contacts with the British businessman , began to always feel - distance . These people feel proud, conservative . But slowly approaching , build friendships , these people will cherish and long-term trust you. Similarity with the Americans , accustomed to commercial activities with their personal life strictly separate , there is - sets of exchanges about the commercial activity behavior etiquette clear guidelines . Personal relationships tend to get something done , to reach a negotiated premise is ` lag in commercial relations .
    ( 2 ) decision-making process . British businessman compare the value of order, discipline and responsibility , the power of the organization from top to bottom flow level is very strong, decisions come from the top. More emphasis on individual ability , not like decentralization and collective responsibility . In foreign business dealings, the British hierarchy make these people pay more attention to each other's identity, experience , performance , background , rather than Americans do pay more attention to the performance of the opponent in the negotiations . Therefore, in case of need , to send status are more people to participate in the negotiations with the British , there will be - given an active role.
    ( 3 ) the concept of time . British perception of time is very rigorous. Advocating on time and punctuality have or plan to act on said Cheng habits and traditions. In business activities , focusing on efficiency , more compact negotiations proceeded mostly without procrastination .
    ( 4 ) communication. To the world-famous British gentleman , often panic , talk understatement. Otherness of others and give the British appreciation is `" like the British style . " These people prefer to these people's cultural heritage, such as feeding the pet topic of conversation , try to avoid discussing politics, religion, Royal is a ` non- like. British acquaintance , the best course is the safest topic ` Weather. British negotiations healthy , good position succinctly explained , present their views , then silence is ` more , showing calm , confident and cautious. In the negotiations, there is little room for bargaining with the British . Sometimes these people take or-nothing attitude . Critical moment in the negotiations , these people tend to behave not willing to spend a great effort both stubborn fight , the opponent is quite a headache. Britons believe that the pursuit of life, order and comfort is the ` most important ` hard work and efforts are secondary. So these people are willing to make the risk is small , less profit trading. If the event of a dispute in the negotiations , the British businessman will mercilessly argue.

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