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    Location: Home News 》 On the diving glasses degree problem ( answer )
    On the diving glasses degree problem ( answer )
    The author:admin Update time:2017-9-16

    1 ) Why do we want to take in order to see clearly underwater view mirror it ? Then because our eyes need some space before they can see things focused . Snorkeling and diving mask mask is basically the same , except for those outside the cottage version of snorkeling mask .
    2 ) Is there a mirror myopia have to do with a degree ? Because of light refraction reasons, things underwater than on the water looks near and large . So ordinary mirror in the water will be in the degree of your own to give you plus 100 degrees . Average A little friend with the ordinary degree mirror on it. If the degree is high, such as 300-400 degrees , or even thousands of degrees , hey , you can ask to go to the resort in advance or the hotel has no lease with prescription mirror . But I personally think that in general the seaside resort will not prepare a lot with prescription mirror . Each degree may be that a few pairs , one to the season is estimated to not rent it.
    3 ) In addition to the mask with a degree , what can I do ? Wear contact lenses. It is best that daily disposable type. This is more convenient. A lot of people take into account when diving contact lenses will fall off, this rarely happens . Unless you did not take the mask covering your face. Then all of a sudden intake of water will fill the water . But most water are first your nose. This time you are snorkeling if it already looked up , so stealth will not fall off , you can rest assured wearing . Even if you run into the situation off, and because it is a daily disposable does not give you a great deal of damage , and then with one on the line. Some people say that with stealth accustomed to. But when you see the beauty of the underwater world then estimated that point has long been uncomfortable you forget to go the moon . Learning to dive is not the same friends , when you are at the bottom of the mirror to practice drainage techniques. This time you have to help your coach, see if you can arrange to give you a degree of mirror . If not, your coach know that you wear contact lenses , they will teach you how to use . What wearing glasses inside the mask idea is saving it. Can not. With contact lenses are the easiest way .
    4 ) how to avoid discomfort when wearing a mask it ? Snorkeling or diving face is best not to wear sunscreen . Even should wipe out at least half an hour before the rub. Let sunscreen completely absorbed into the skin. Otherwise, sunscreen would slip , could not mask will suck your face . Best not to rub. Second , sunscreen , there are heavy metals , water based after your eyes is enough to hurt you , and sometimes still find fault .

    5 ) water into the eyes will hurt? Friends next time you can try to put the whole eyes open sea , then looked up , you will not feel the eyes stinging . Instead, a little bit of water into the eye will make the eyes very uncomfortable . But after a few no problem.
    6 ) how to avoid the water into the mirror ? Mirror when not wearing the hair into the mirror , the wear after a good sort out the hair outside mirror . Mask and complete as possible down with hooded nose. If you take too much , with a breathing tube into his mouth , mouth a drum , mirror to loose, your nose may be in a small half the water. So remember as far as possible down with , do not cover your upper lip just fine. ( Male beard , then you can try to scrape ) . There is a mirror tightness , it is best to adjust the tightness on both sides of adjustment , this is more convenient and more accurate.
    7 ) how to prevent fogging mirror ? Best to buy a new mirror machine with fire burning about mirror interior. Outside you do not need , because there will be a new layer of wax mirror . When burning try to be careful not to burn the inside of the plastic , you have to re- burned buy . If you do not grasp called experienced help. Can also be used with the kind of toothpaste stained dishwashing sponge rub more times. After the wash. Breathe into the mirror to see if there is no fog , yes wash . However, some cottage layout mirror really hard to wash , there are times to help people burn with fire machine for a long time or not, but mirror is not cheap . So we buy the best use of the more well known mirror . Before the sea , you can put toothpaste smear even mirror the inner layer , stood , to fast when the reuse of sewage water wash. No toothpaste shampoo shampoo can also be used . Really no words to use saliva , although not very elegant. But do not wash off after spat saliva directly put , would be more effective . When using do not often wear off mask, you wear off after a few mirror will slowly fog. No need to try not to put on after the win . If there is water , then looked up the mirror beneath the open water can be drained .

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