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    How to choose the Swimsuit Swim
    The author:admin Update time:2017-9-16

    A choice according to their body fit swimsuit art from life, life need art .
    " Buddha to gold , Clothes make the man ." Swimsuit relation to the human instrument , based on the body's own as the contents of a plastic arts, it can reflect the spirit of their different people . Summer beach , countless beach-goers chasing the waves , a jubilant . If you can option a good-looking, fit and decent, chic, fabric texture and firm, flexible swimsuit , not only can avoid weaknesses, beautify and slim, fit and show off your body , make you more full of youthful charm, beauty and tempting , which is how gratifying thing ! Swimwear like a kaleidoscope of color as brilliant charm : Color wave pattern , colorful ; blue and black if pick if off , full of mystery ; colorful dots , like the starry , jumping in swimsuit ...... Thus , novel swimsuit styles and colors to meet the modern women's aesthetic psychology. In the swimsuit optional , you can from an aesthetic point of view, according to their age , hobbies , personality, body characteristics , as well as from fluid mechanics , friction and other physics are considered , highlighting your strengths , and hide their shortcomings, to reflect the unique beauty of swimwear . If your legs are ideal proportion with the entire body type , then you can pick a Gaocha tailoring swimwear , so make your legs seem relatively slender. If you are obese type of person , you should choose from black , red, blue, different colors fit into a darker hue , pattern simple swimsuit , different colors can be combined into a pattern caused by illusion , giving a sense of austerity slim . If your body is very symmetrical, sub-pattern stripe might try a tight swimsuit . If you are thin or flat chest person shall be optional bright colors , colorful design patterns for the V-shaped neckline swimsuit to emphasize the body beautiful lines, in order to increase the wealth of beauty. If your leg muscles more relaxed , the best way is to wear a skirt or shorts decorated swimsuit , or a scarf tied around his waist modification, to divert people 's attention. If you are somewhat less curvaceous body , will have to choose pleated swimsuit to create visual curves and waist pleated twill . If your waist thick , you can choose pastel colors , dark swimwear, especially the waist but also to dark colors , in order to avoid the waist prominent, impede beauty. If your hips are larger , may wish to wear pleated side dressed in bathing suits or rope , etc. , which can be distracting to the waist . In addition, the hip bone tangent pulled swimwear can make legs look slender ; halves swimwear can lanky woman slightly plump ; multi- strap swimsuit to highlight the beauty of the back ; strapless swimwear firm the chest shapely women more attractive , charming , increase the sense of beauty. May you wear nice fit swimsuit , with a total of colorful summer .
    Second, how to choose and use swimmer swimming goggles swimming mirage ( also known as goggles ) , is commonly used when swimming swimmer eye protection sport and health equipment.

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