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    How to be a successful agents
    The author:admin Update time:2017-9-16

    The first batch of agents to do two things: get the right agent, delivery receipts . But with the development of economic competition lingerie mature , and now to do a successful agents more and more difficult , based on five years of experience in the here How to make a successful agents.

    One , discerning, choose the brand we all know is more important than the effort choice ! So select the brand you want to put the first place. In fact, choose the brand is like a wife , directly determines whether you are happy harmony of your family , your wife , and you must be at least like-minded , we must have a common language. Because you are a dealer , you are our products is your source of revenue , but also the foundation of your career , so you must be very careful to choose the agent of the brand .
    1 . Select brand come to recognize their own strength, of course, the big brands operate more likely to benefit , the risk is relatively small ; but the general brand management threshold is relatively high, relatively high supply discounts , returns and other policies also tend to be more harsh, you need to have strong financial strength behind it. If you own strength is not enough, you will not be able to obtain equal dialogue and big brands right in the negotiations on cooperation may be at a disadvantage.
    2 . Select the time not only look at the lingerie brand strength of the brand , it must be clear that the brand's potential. You must understand the brand owner 's business ideas, their brand 's determination whether the company has a professional R & D team and marketing team and so on. Some companies just want to make money , try holding the psychological operation of the brand , and there is no long-term goal .
    3 . You should pay attention to the brand's product features, meet your area 's physical characteristics and preferences of consumers' habits. Many brands of products sold in the south , in the northern market is not necessarily an advantage , north and south China very different size , style, color preferences there are no small distinction.
    4 . Select business ideas and their own company match , or that the company boss man to do things, and you are basically the same. Because a business philosophy in fact a person of faith, character , or temper is the same. Finally the saying goes : There is no best , only the most appropriate. You should choose the most suitable, a considerable strength of the brand as your first choice for business and resonate with the enterprise , resonance, and common development.

    Second, the effective combination of brand
    Brand ownership belongs to the manufacturers , you are acting within the contract area franchise, so will the various manufacturers of products for organic integration , as I used to develop their own company is a permanent solution. Best to launch their own agency within the region in the chain model , so that your network clients to your business ideas as the center, follow your development, rather than a certain brand.
    If you're just starting out , you should focus all my energy to do a brand first and avoid grandiose ; If you already have a certain strength, you can operate multiple brands . But you better not operating style is very similar brands, try to choose a different positioning of the brand business , you want the brand based on their characteristics for effective combinations. You should also consider seasonal relationship to ensure short season has a different focus of operations . Multi-brand strategy allows you to transfer risk and increase bargaining and manufacturers , but also allows your business products can achieve an effective complement . Also, you must have a focus on brand management , some brands give you establish the image of the business , but not necessarily have a high profit. Some of the brand is not well known , but it may be more substantial operating profit . You can be the brand image of the brand and profits combination . Only by ensuring the profitability of the company's annual climbing step by step , this has sustainability.
    Third, the operation of the company is the only way for the development of many agents do not know how much income a month profit , expenses much , do not know how many of the goods into their own hands in the end , if you always stay in the mom and pop operation mode , it is difficult bigger . To be a successful agent , you should corporatized mode of operation , the establishment of marketing, finance, warehouse and other departments to carry out scientific performance appraisal management, personnel career planning, assessment and promotion for the post of the remuneration and appraisal salary . And use computers and scientific to manage your inventory , establish and improve customer relationships files . Your standard operation will provide you with ideas to attract more customers, the company operation also allows you to win more support of manufacturers .
    Fourth, the establishment of self-store or stores are self- image of the model shop , is a window , and also his understanding of the market , an important tool for market research , success can be operated stores operating under the dealers to establish a model to provide a reference drawing , can effectively help you clean up slow-moving inventory . An even stores are unable to manage their own agents, is not affiliated hopes to manage a franchise dealer . A company -operated stores are not profitable agents, is difficult to expect the following distributors can be good to go. Spend some effort to establish their own outlets, that the dealer is very convincing , but also make your upstream manufacturers very seriously, which will speed up your development speed . ( For example: Shenyang Po Fong underwear )
    Fifth, cultivate brand selling hand ( for multi- brand operation agents ) Each agency will encounter this problem, with its own development , more and more brands , dealers in the purchase and supply to the terminal , often at a loss , one would want to stock this style did not timely , resulting in stock ; a paragraph will be that the color out of stock , dealers complain verbiage . Solve the problem, fundamentally, to temporarily seize to goods, can only be a temporary solution to the pain , the latter part of the sales increase and enhance the management level , there is no big help. Develop their own brand selling hand is one of the ways to solve this problem , brand communication and manufacturers responsible for selling hand , purchase orders , to grasp the brand inventory information, sales information, and obtain other brothers from the factory where regional sales information , and regularly participate in business meetings , product information with business teams to communicate and listen to feedback from the market . Said here, we realized that the brand selling hand is very important, it should formulate a reasonable evaluation and remuneration system , good employment , education and staying . Do not let yourself go-getters Suntory trained hard to become someone else's right hand man .

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