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    Buy submersible mirror Guide
    The author:admin Update time:2017-9-16

    Selection of suitable own mirror
    Diving Mask is appropriate own very critical issue . Regardless of how expensive pair Diving Mask marked price , looks more cool , if it leaks , it is neither cool nor is it worth the money spent . Because each person is different contours of the face , and only when you actually try to choose to really fit your diving mask, here are some tips to find a suitable diving mask .
    Go diving in front of the store . As far as possible with full of your personal diving equipment . If you dive is usually tied to a ponytail , try them , they also do not forget . If you usually dive time with hoods and gloves , but also bring them . The most important thing is your regulator, the regulator two head stuffed in his mouth when it will change the shape of the face . Try diving in the mirror when I take it . Dry the test once you are ready to test a mirror, the regulator in your mouth , eyes looking up , the mirror in the right place , make sure to remove or turn mirror mirror lace outside of diving mask any position must face contacts ; particular attention to check the temple, between the nose and mouth seal condition . If you take the hood , please check with the state seal hood part . Snorting test the regulator in your mouth , remove the mask strap , will wear a dive mask to the face . Gently breath ( not her smoking ) , diving mask should stick to suck face. Please note that the hair , beard will affect the test conditions . Pinch nose dive when the test if you are wearing gloves , wear it. Wear a diving mask and regulator put in your mouth and mirror should be very easy for you to reach out across the top of the regulator and pinch your nostrils , but also to determine the site of the lower side of the nose will not too tight. Testing to determine the breathing tube can snorkel and diving mask lacing firmly together. Some straps may be too wide or too narrow , an 8- shaped ring can solve this problem , in addition , be easy to adjust lace mask , and can not be pressed in your ear. Diving Mask Diving Mask features a lot of features, but here to say that most divers compare the characteristics that need attention . Low volume . A low volume amount of diving mask is easy to clean and help ear pressure balance . The diving mask resistance is smaller, a low volume of about the size of the diving mask is 4.5 inches or less than the distance between the two temples . Peripheral Vision: through your diving mask edge to watch the scenery is very important. When wearing diving mask, test to see whether the next scene .

    Down Vision: Your regulator and buoyancy vest will usually limit you to look down angle. Sometimes you need to look down your dive table groups , buoyancy vest pocket and stuff . Square -shaped diving mask usually have better downward vision.
    Up Vision: A good upward visibility will help you look at the front of diving conditions .
    Vision correction lenses : Select two or four boxes box diving mask to install corrective lenses . Most lenses can offer 1 ° C or 1/2 ° C accuracy standard corrective lenses . Defog : lens fogging is a very simple matter, as follows : Clean the lens : the lens is dirty fog causes major problems . You can wipe with a soft cloth or toothpaste .
    Follow the manufacturer's instructions way defogging : between dives , the dive mask soaked in water to keep it wet always helps when the lens will not fog the next dive . Leave a little water in the diving mask . When the fog started diving mask , just nod gently sloping water will wash away the fog on it.
    ( Editor's Recommendation: The most convenient way is your own saliva , do not mean saliva , painted on the lenses as much as possible . Effects will not lose any dedicated anti-fog liquid ) suitable for diving mask is to choose whether the primary criterion , the following Diving Mask is selected for one minute quick test guide
    One would turn to dive mask strap in front of mirror
    (2) The diving mask on the face
    3 to determine the eye and comfortable to wear around the nose
    4 Replace the mirror in order to find the most suitable size up
    5 Place the appropriate location on the face diving mask , nose light absorption at
    6 If appropriate good mirror , inhale diving mask should cause the cavity to form a vacuum , lift your hands will close when diving mask on the face .
    7 If Diving Mask will still fall, and then re-select again , repeat the above process 1-6 . Tip 1 Do not pick an appropriate mirror 2 If you find several mirrors are suitable for you , before you buy compare their characteristics .

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